Avination _Go on take the money and run!

If you  had C$ to be processed out of Aviation recently and you’re wondering like me, why after a month they are not in your Inworld account or in your Pay Pal account, check out this super cool explanation that I got from Brad the support team guy over at Avination.
Hello and thank you for contacting Avination support. Old C$ are being removed as part of a plan to allow cash outs to be increased again. With the launch of the New C$, Old C$ can no longer be cashed out, but new C$ can be cashed out at the rate of 1,000,000 per 7 days and have expedited processing. All C$ bought after April 14th are considered new C$. If you have any further questions please reply to this ticket and we will assist you.

Best regards,

Brandon Reed
Avination Support Team


04/21/2015 01:20 -@yahoo.com wrote:

I had two credits to be processed out to my paypal account and now both are gone
2015 3, 30 22 23 04 for 34000 C$ _ $ 82.39 and another for 2015 04-01 04:50 20.
Both were wiped away and seemingly gone. I understand you want to discourage money
launderers and thieves, but that’s off the hook~ You just make it disappear? and
you’ve decided to not even credit my in-world account? So the lesson is what
exactly? Don’t encourage people to come into your Virtual world from places like
Second Life, (which I have been a member of for almost eight years~ I have the
Docs supporting the Process credit from before you decided to change your website,
Do you think you could maybe send me some kind of an explanation~
So in a nutshell, Avination decided to allow their customers to purchase C$ via PayPal or one of their third party banking systems and basically freeze that virtual coin, or in my case, just steal it during the process it out stage and did it without telling anyone they were going to dissolve their inworld currency. I’m not 100% sure what Brad was talking about, but I sent the whole matter out to Massachusetts Attorney General’s office for shits and giggles. I feel bad for anyone who may be a sim owner, not sure what kind of money you may have lost, but I won’t be going back in there. What the hell kind of company puts in writing that they flat out stole your money?